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200hr Yoga Teacher Training

hosted by Green & Blue Studios, Haslemere, Surrey

Get ready to make your dream of becoming a Yoga Teacher a reality!

Join me in 2025 and let's make it happen!

A teacher training that raises the bar for 200hr courses

Our training is rooted in the philosophy, principles and practices of Yoga and aims to not only graduate competent, safe and considerate teachers but to also empower those individuals, through practice and knowledge, to discover who they are as a teacher so that their ongoing teaching journey is in alignment with Svadharma, their highest values.


This teacher training is for people who wish to mature and evolve their understanding and practice of yoga and develop the skills and knowledge to Become a Certified Yoga Teacher.

Our graduation aim is threefold - effective, considerate, professional. In short, our graduate teachers will be able to guide their students effectively, considerately and professionally through the many and varied practices of yoga.

- Effective teachers have a well established and continued personal practice of yoga and know that their ongoing skill as a teacher is rooted in this.

They have thorough knowledge of the yoga practises and understand how and when they should be taught.

- Considerate teachers are compassionate and empathetic towards their students. They are able to create welcoming, inclusive and safe spaces for their students to flourish. Their teaching is rooted in integrity and they respect themselves, their students and the roots of the practices they are teaching.

- Professional teachers understand the student teacher dynamic and teach with due regard to students needs and ability. They have the skills to help students practise safely within their own limits while also offering appropriate challenge and opportunities for growth. Professional teachers are confident in their strengths and also know their limits.

Our graduates will show up with authenticity, transparency and build trust between themselves and their students.

Students will leave this training fully prepared to teach vinyasa or hatha style yoga classes and will have a comprehensive understanding of yoga asana, pranayama, the anatomy of yoga, hands-on assists, yogic lifestyle, yoga philosophy, mudras and meditation techniques

We believe that yoga is for everyone. Your ability to ‘do’ certain asana is not important to being accepted on to this course. However, we do ask that you can demonstrate your commitment to yoga and we require that trainees have been practising consistently for at least two years.


The Training starts in January 2025 and takes place over 7 months, all the Course Dates, costs and more details are over on Green & Blue's website.


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