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...we are all creative beings. 


For me creativity is an evolving notion of being true to who I am in the moment, so that I can live life in a full and deeply satisfying way

I was fortunate to spend most of my 20's and 30's working in the creative world of fashion as a stylist and Fashion Director.

For most of the time I was working in magazines I was also practising yoga (it was a sanctuary from what was a very stressful work environment). I was freelance styling when I took my yoga teacher training and also when I started to teach (which often saw me leaving the publishing house or photoshoot, catching a train back to Surrey and being in the village hall ready to teach by 8pm - phew!)...eventually I transitioned out of the world of fashion and into the world of full time yoga teaching.

And as I left behind one creative outlet I found the need to explore in other ways...I learnt to weave, I found myself spending hours drawing my yoga lesson plans out, I was commissioned to write...


Eventually these things have found their way into what I offer today - click below to find out more

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