The demands the world puts on on us and the demands we put on ourselves change minute to minute, day to day.


That is why Yoga is a practice for life.


A regular practice will support you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


It will give you space to be the human being you need to be.

And it is a most ancient of practises - the spiritual roots of which can be traced back to the Indus valley civilisations of modern day Northern India and Pakistan.

Yoga is a state of unity - a harmonious balancing of the functioning of body and mind.

Yoga is a 'practice' and yoga is also the 'fruit of the practice'. Which is to say...when we 'do' yoga we become 'yoga'; harmonious, balanced, united.

To practice with me in a class setting please see the details below.


I also offer private and small group classes.

TUESDAY 9.30-10.30am
On-line Vinyasa Flow


1 hour class

Vinyasa Flow is perfect for students looking to move their bodies. I aim to get you moving and breathing and offer a restful savasana at the end. This class has a strong asana focus therefore knowledge of the poses is useful.

This class is hosted by Yoga Mila

THURSDAY 9.30-11am
In-person Yoga


1hr 30mins

This 90 minute class includes breathwork, flowing and static asana and relaxation - it is infused with yoga philosophy.

This class takes place in-person only (no zoom) at Yoga Mila in Godalming.



1-2-1- or small group
Tailored for you

Investing in a Private Session allows you to dive deeper into your yoga practice.

We work together to craft a session that suits you as an individual and aids your spiritual growth. This can be through asana, specific breathing and meditation techniques and by learning more about the philosophy of yoga and how to apply to your life.

These sessions can be delivered via zoom or held in the comfort of your home.

Prices from £50/hour

block booking discounts apply