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The Mystery of the Chakras

an ON DEMAND course

studying and working with the Chakra System​

One off course fee £95

The chakras are energy centres that can be used by the yogi as specific points of focus that hone the concentration of our scattered minds and allow us to move from external to internal and beyond.

They exist in the sūkṣma śarīra, the non-physical or subtle body that forms the energetic layer of our existence.

The chakras are also (arguably) one of the most exploited and misunderstood parts of yoga.

Chakras are abstract concepts and thus can be experienced and described in many ways - we might find them expressed as padmas (lotuses), or wheels, as ādharas (foundations), or yonis (womb/root cause)… there may be 7 of them, or 5, or 10…they have many attributes including colours, sounds, letters, deities, elements and seemingly complex mystical powers.

This course teaches the chakras as they were originally intended. It is for the dedicated seekers of yoga - individuals looking for personal and spiritual growth that goes beyond the common narrative.


 By the end of the course you will have...


  • gained a broad understanding of the history and philosophy of the chakra system

  • taken a dive into the philosophy of each chakra in turn according to the tantric text The Śiva Samhitā

  • studied the relationship between the Sanskrit alphabet and the chakras and practise writing and pronouncing the letters and sounds

  • experienced working with the chakras yourself through time spent practising pranayama, visualisation and meditation​

The cost for the course is £95

This course is self paced. Once you purchase it you will have access to all recordings alongside a course manual. You can then study and practice the content at your own speed.


The detailed manual outlines and support what you study as well as providing details of the practices - it is a valuable resource for both practitioners and teachers.

You do not need any prior knowledge of the chakras to join this course

A note from me...

This course doesn’t aim to be an authority on the chakras …it is simply too vast a field of study for that to be possible and I most certainly don’t ‘know it all’.


Instead the intention is to loosen our grip on what we think we already know, what we think we should know and what we think we don’t know and open our minds to what may be…


Because ultimately every external yoga practice we partake in eventually becomes an inner process that leads us to the very same destination as the original sages who transmitted these ideas.

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