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I'm Charlie

Yoga Teacher & Creator


Like many people these days, what I 'do' cannot be squashed into one neat job title.


...I lead regular yoga classes, I train student to become yoga teachers themselves, I mentor, I am passionate about yoga philosophy and often run courses & workshops specifically covering this area, I weave and sell tapestry, I create, I write...


Click below for more specifics, and once again...welcome.

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As a queen sits down, knowing that chair will be there,
Or a general raises his hand and is given field-glasses,
Step off assuredly into the blank of your mind.
Something will come to you.


Charlie’s yoga classes are an absolute joy to attend. They are fun, insightful, and her guidance is easy to understand. charlie has a vast knowledge of yoga philosophy and her workshops on this branch of yoga are always fascinating. I have also had a private yin yoga lesson with her and my tight chest and hips felt incredible after. One of the best teachers in Surrey for sure


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