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Creative collaboration

Back in the early summer my friend and fellow yoga practitioner, the photographer Emily Walker approached me about a creative collaboration.

Emily works solely on film - a rarity in this digital age. She has an amazing eye for capturing the world and is the only person I have ever been photographed by that I 100% trust.

Her proposal was to capture images that stepped away from the current conventions of yoga photography.

We planned a 'hiking' shoot in a location near to where I live. I carried a small bag of props (change of outfits and the two books we wanted to shoot), Emily whittled down her equipment so that she could also move freely...and off we set.

She wanted the late afternoon and early evening light and after re-scheduling a couple of times we were blessed with the most glorious of July days.

Emily only ever uses natural light in her pictures and these image are unretouched. The effects are created by her use of pre-treated film, different lenses and exposures.

I couldn't be more thrilled by the images and by this collaboration.

If you would like to see more of Emily's work take a look at her website here. are a selection of the pictures...

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